David Lebe

by Huseby

Photographer David Lebe began in 1969 experimenting with pinhole cameras. This experimentation lead to his revelation that a photograph didn’t have to capture an instant moment in time, but could capture a whole event. In 1976 he began working on the first of his light drawing series in his apartment. These first images were self portraits where Lebe used small pin lights to outline his own body.

These photographs are relevant to my project as Lebe creates self-portraits. Also worth mentioning is his technique of making the self-portrait which is different to the freehand drawing technique used by Man Ray, Pablo Picasso etc. He traces himself with the pin light instead of drawing by freehand. This can allow for a more realistic or scientific picture of himself, instead of  an abstraction that often occurs in freehand drawings. However, which of the two techniques is more right or true cannot be argued.

Reference: http://lightpaintingphotography.com/light-painting-history/